Sahifa Kamilah - Dua for Monday - Urdu

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O Allah! Send blessing on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad. In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful . (All) praise is for Allah (alone) who did not have (was not in in need of) any eye-witness when He created the heavens and the earth, did not choose for Himself an associate when He made ready and let go the \\\"breathing beings\\\" does not share, any one, in His Divinity; no one can ever wish to get at the bottom of or take hold of the secrets of (His) Oneness, tongue-tied and dumbfounded become expression and style while trying to bring into view the gist of His attributes, reason and intellect bewilder, all amiss while making an effort to know \\\"what He is\\\". Deporting themselves with humility the proud and the powerful cringe and wince in awe of His majesty, their corrupt faces showing panicky embarrassment, in abject fear, and all the important arrogant cast a stealthy glance upon His greatness and bury their faces in shame. So (all) praise is for Thee (alone), following one another, continuous, without interruption, tied together; and His blessing be on His Messenger, for ever and ever, and His greetings till eternity and beyond. O my Allah let me mend, improve and answer the purpose in the early part of this day, in the middle, work for my living and make progress, and in the end, succeed well. I take refuge with Thee, from the day whose beginning is full of apprehensions, midpoint is pregnant with anxiety and restlessness, and end is replete with pain and suffering, O my Allah! I seek Thy forgiveness, for every solemn pledge I made, for every promise I undertook to fulfuil, and every obligation I stood security for, then did not make good any. I beseech Thee (for forgiveness) in the matter of wrongs done to Thy servants by me.Whosoever among Thy male servants, or female servants, thinks that he or she did receive wrongful treatment from me, either with regard to his or her \\\"self\\\" or good fame,or property, or friends and family, or children; or by speaking evil of him or her in absence I had defamed the fair name; or treated harsly, and took liberties, out of bias and partiality, or lust and ambition, or contempt, or in the heat of emotions, or in bad faith,or in partisanship and fanticism, (whether) he or she was absent, or present living,or dead; thereafter it was out of my hand, and beyond by means, to make restitution, and get release from the burden. I make a request to Thee. O He Who controls exclusively the prerogative to satisfy wants and desires, they come to call unto His direction, striving in speed towards His decisive dispensation, to send blessing on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad. and make peace between me and him (or her), to what degree and in what manner Thou deems fit, and for me make a gift of Thy mercy, Verily Thou art never at a disadvantage because of forgiveness, nor Thou suffers loss due to doing favours, O The Most Merciful. O Allah! give me on every Monday two gifts, peace of mind in the early part on account of obeying Thee in all matters, ease and comfort in the later part due to receiving Thy indulgence, O He Who is \\\"ILLAH\\\" (the One true God), except He no one (can) forgive sins. O Allah! Send blessing on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad

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