[30 Dec 2013] Security forces fire tear gas at Al-Azhar University students - English

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30   Dec   2013   Security   forces   fire   tear   gas   at   Al   Azhar   University   students   PTV   Presstv   English   Protests   continue   in   Cairo   Al   Azhar   University   despite   the   Egyptian   army   harsh   crackdown   and   mass  

Protests continue in Cairo\\\'s Al-Azhar University despite the Egyptian army\\\'s harsh crackdown and mass arrests of pro-Morsi demonstrators. Students have now been demonstrating on the university campus for four consecutive days. Security forces have used tear gas to disperse the crowds. Students are protesting against the army-backed government, the upcoming constitutional referendum and the ban on The Muslim Brotherhood. Saturday\\\'s killing of two students has also fuelled anti-government sentiment. Egypt has been witnessing mass rallies since former president Mohamed Morsi was ousted by the army in July. Last week, the interim-government designated The Muslim Brothers a terrorist organization. Now it says protests are banned in universities, unless permission has been obtained from the Interior Ministry.

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