Iranians explore renewable energy sources - July 16, 2011 - English

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Gisoo Misha Ahmadi, Press TV, Tehran c Iranians are becoming more aware and turning towards renewable energy sources. They're also trying to find ways to reduce energy consumption. The solar water heating systems on display at the 3rd international energy saving exhibition in Tehran are the first the draw the visitors who may not just be big fans green technology but simply more concerned about their gas and electricity bills. Now that energy subsidies have been eliminated and gas prices are high people are turning to other sources of energy. Solar water heaters can help reduce their energy consumption by 70 percent. Ever since the government has introduced its policies to change energy consumption pattern more and more people have been considering sources other than fossil fuels. The effect can be seen on this annual exhibition. More than 80 companies have taken part including more than 10 foreign companies from China, Germany, Turkey and France. Even wind turbines have found their way to the exhibition. Iran is the 16th producer of electricity in the world and is working to achieve sustainable development in the field of renewable energy. Iran is now producing 2100 Mega Watts of electricity from renewable sources. The target set for 2025 is 12000 Mega Watts which is 10 percent of the annual production. Meanwhile figures show that Iranians are becoming energy aware and changing their consumption habits. The total power peak demand in summer has decreased to 39140 megawatts from 40150. This shows that people know the value of energy and are consuming more wisely. And as the country moves towards commercialization of Green Technology this annual exhibition will continue to focus on sustainable energy, renewable energy and green energy over the coming years, while providing visitors with essential information about innovative eco-products and services.

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