[05 July 13] British MP scorns Morsi for handling Syrian crisis - English

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Prominent British lawmaker George Galloway has paid a visit to Australia to deliver lectures on the situation in the Middle East. During his hour-long lecture on the tensions engulfing the Middle East especially in Egypt the outspoken British MP criticised Mohammad Morsi the ousted Egyptian president for his handling of the Syrian crisis The respected British MP also condemned the actions of western governments specially the US for arming the militants and Al-Qaeda forces in Syria. In this respect, NSW greens senator Lee Rhiannon had this to say to Press TV. Mr. Galloway\'s 2 lectures during his short stay in Australia has shed light on the current tensions in the middle east and raised many questions on the actions of western governments towards this region. Finally raising hope that stability would return to the region. Hamid Farajollahi, Press TV, Sydney

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