Bahrainis in NY protest Khalifa oppression - Sep 22, 2011 - English

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It was in February 2011 when thousands of Bahrainis most of them from the country's Shia majority took to the streets to demand political reform. The Bahraini government reacted to the protests with a mixture of violent repression, and offers of limited concessions. More than seven months later this time in New York City and on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, Bahrainis and their supporters gather to call on the government of Hamed Bin Khalifa to end its brutal oppression against its people. While the gathering is a humble one, the demonstrator's voices are loud and clear, they're calling for a free Bahrain for all. The demonstrators stand united in front of the Bahraini mission where the Kingdom's ambassador to the UN is rumored to be having lunch with King Khalifa, the ruler of Bahrain. While the ill treatment of the Shia population has made headlines around the world since protests erupted, for many demonstrators here the rally is about upholding core human values, regardless of religious affiliations. Hussain Abdullah, Director of the advocacy group Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain says the majority of the population are living under state oppression and the government needs to know that the voices of reason will not remain silent. With posters and banners in hand and the Bahraini flag raised in the air the demonstrators hope gatherings like these big or small will garner the attention and support of the international community.

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