Iran dismantles US-linked spy network - 21 May 2011 - From IRIB - Farsi

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**READ DETAILS** The Iranian Intelligence Ministry has identified and dismantled an espionage ring affiliated to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). According to Iran's Intelligence Ministry statement, 30 individual suspected of spying for the US were arrested and 42 CIA operatives were identified in connection with the network. The network, which was set up by a considerable number of seasoned CIA operatives in several countries, attempted to trick citizens into spying for them under the guise of issuing visa, helping with permanent residency, and making job and study offers. According to the statement, the CIA operatives had gathered information from "universities and scientific research centers, and in the field of nuclear energy, aerospace, defense and biotechnology industries." The spies had also gathered detailed information about the "oil and gas pipelines, telecommunication and electricity networks, airports and customs, the security of the banking and communication systems," by using "US embassies and consulates in several countries particularly "the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Malaysia." In January Iran's Intelligence Ministry dismantled an Israeli spy ring and arrested the main perpetrators in connection with the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Dr. Massoud Ali-Mohammadi In 2010, Iran arrested seven individuals affiliated with Israeli intelligence services, who were involved in counterrevolutionary activities and supplied the enemy with information on the country's judiciary, military and space agencies.

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