[24 Oct 2013] Kashmiris mark Eid al Ghadir - English

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24   Oct   2013   Kashmiris   mark   Eid   al   Ghadir   PTV   Presstv   English   Muslims   particularly   Shia   community   in   Indian   controlled   Kashmir   marked   Eid   al   Ghadeer   by   sending   the   message  

Muslims particularly Shia community in Indian-controlled Kashmir marked Eid al-Ghadeer by sending the message of peace across the Muslim world. Congregational ceremonies took place in different parts of the region as a reminder to awaken the conscience of all sects of Muslims to live in harmony and brotherhood. Eid al-Ghadeer marks the anniversary of Prophet Muhammad\'s sermon in which he appointed Imam Ali as his immediate successor. The occasion is marked on the 18th of Dhu al-Hijjah in the Islamic calendar. Islamic Scholars believe at a time when anti-Muslim elements are creating rifts amongst Muslims, occasions like Eid al-Ghadeer are a reminder to the Muslims to stick to the path taught by the Prophet. Here in Indian-controlled Kashmir Eid al-Ghadeeer is marked with reassertion to stay committed to Prophet Muhammad\'s teachings and belief.

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