Celebrating Imam Hussain a.s [First time in Norway] - ENGLISH - مولد الامام الحسين في النرويج

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Stand4Hussain.org celebratd the birthday of Imam Hussain (pbuh) in yet another innovative fashion by handing out free food and painting the faces of kids in a market place in Oslo. Comments by one of the volunteers: The program went very well and better than expected alhamdullilah :) There were almost exclusively positive people who talked to us, and we got a great deal of positive feedback. Not the least the neighbors (the stands), who were impressed with the job and were surprised that we handed out free food and that we were told that we must take good care of our neighbours, for it is part of Islam's principles and values. The questions we received during the stand were of different kinds such as "you are the good Muslims then?" due to the free distribution of food and we were quite happy throughout. Someone else asked if we followed Saudi Arabia's religion or operated the same way as IslamNet (Salafist org. in Norway). The majority also asked about why we celebrated the birthday of exactly this personality. There were also some others who had not known that the grandchildren of prophet Muhammad (saaw) played a big role in Islam and that they existed in Islam at all. Also there was a person who recognised Imam Hussain (as) through Mahatma Gandhi .... SubhanAllah A wonderful experience it was;)

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