[11 June 13] Debate : Syrian army advances against militants - English

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Clashes have erupted between Syrian army forces and foreign-backed militants in the suburbs of the country\\\'s largest city, Aleppo, Press TV reports. Syrian army forces clashed with militants as they advanced from three directions to liberate the city and cut off insurgents supply lines in the north, a Press TV correspondent reported from Syria on Monday. Army troops have also managed to block an insurgent assault on the Minnegh air base and Aleppo\\\'s Central Prison. The Syrian army launched a major operation to clear the northwestern city of Aleppo of the foreign-backed militants on Sunday. The Syrian army has scored victories against the militants in recent days, liberating the strategic towns of Qusayr, Qunaytirah and Daba\\\'a in the west. Qusayr was an important center and supply route for the armed groups

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