Inclination of human body and Soul by Agha Hassan Mujtaba Rizvi - English

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Inclination   attaraction   instinct   of   human   body   and   Soule   Agha   Hassan   Mujtaba   Rizvi  

In the 1st session (24 min) Agha Hassan Mujtaba Rizvi describes inclination (attaraction) of human body and Soule. \"Allah Created human beings on the same inclination as what Allah Subanahu watala has\". He further describes Human body is ruled by instincts, and types of instincts of human and animals. In the 2nd session (15 min) Agha describes how every thing (Animals, trees, birds, winds, etc) praising or doing tasbih of Allah Subhanahu Wataala. This is a recording of Family Picnic organized by Al-Hadi Musallah at African Lion Safari – Toronto.

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