[26 Jan 2014] Exclusive: Syrian army repels attack by insurgents in Damascus - English

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26   Jan   2014   Exclusive   Syrian   army   repels   attack   by   insurgents   in   Damascus   PTV   Presstv   English   Fighting   has   intensified   inside   al   Qadam   district   in   south   of   the   Syrian   capital   Damascus   Hundreds  

Fighting has intensified inside al-Qadam district in south of the Syrian capital, Damascus. Hundreds of foreign-backed militants have carried out an attack in the area, turning it into a perilous field where only running can save you. Here on one of the frontlines in al-Qadam area in Damascus, Syrian army personnel are repelling foreign backed militants who are trying to advance further in order to reach the main highway that links Damascus with Dara\'a. Over one hundred extremists were killed in the confrontations. Many of the bodies have remained scattered on the ground as militants were not able to reach them and pull them back. The army has confiscated some weapons used by the militants, which included snipers, RPG\'s and mortars.

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