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They say real martyrs dont die they multiply From the battlefield of Karbala The principles we apply The holy month of Muharram We beat our chests and cry Cause the leader of Paradise Stood alone with no water supply Protecting the Sunnah against the most evil guy Thats why today we defy Every arrogant power Who make it apparent they only seek to apply Their robotic system To try and make us hypnotic victims To close our eyes and listen to a maniac mission Of course well never abide We plug into your matrix Simply to just leave your whole mainframe fried Our a apex is an arrangement Around our dear Guide For you it should be blatant No matter how many you kill Well never subside Death is our pride It keeps us alive Deep inside our heart resides A love and his blood will never dry Labayka Ya Hussein you hear that? It means, kiss world domination good-bye You may be a super power Still pebble to the Most High Serving the devil, Zionism the number 1 ally You tap our phones, in our centers You plant spies But theyre so insignificant like two dead flies You think killing our leaders Will weaken our faith You create ten million believers For every one you take Plus their spirits survive Every martyr is awake Alive teaching us to sacrifice for Allahs sake My friend take a stride forward Against this bored world Filled with more war The enemys army is on our border 1979 we established Islamic order Therefore you assassinate Our scholars in building corridors Keep your dirty dollars you horror supporters Youre doomed to Hell, but Allah is the judge Your hands are covered in blood In our lands you hover in planes full of Bombs with our names, you drop Pain on a young tot In his pops brain you shot A hot bullet that shocked An entire generation that have never forgot Your illegal occupation Demonic reign you brought We see beyond it On a plain where our heroes have fought Hussain(as) is so near though Freedom fighters see him a lot Martyrdom is how we maintain Against your evil plot Cause the righteous people Youve slain have a heart beat You can never stop

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