Carrot Leaf - Lesson 17 - by Mutita Art of Fruit & Vegetable Carving - English

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Learn Thai fruit and vegetable carving techniques from Mutita - very simple and easy step by step lessons - how to do fruit carving / vegetable carving. On this Beginners lesson you will learn how to carve a beautiful flower / garnishing. There are 3 levels of carvings: Beginners Level - you will learn how to apply quick and simple designs to the different fruits and vegetables. There are 24 lessons in total: the first beginner\'s series (lessons 1 - 12) and the second beginner\'s series (lessons 14 - 25). Note: In the future there will be a the third beginner\"s series. Intermediate Level - you will progress onto more detailed carving designs for larger centerpiece displays Advanced Level - this special series will be uploading soon. Please subscribe to my video channel so you will be the first to know. Mutita will upload a new carving video every one to two weeks. If you would like to support her work to continue making more videos, you can do so by clicking this link:

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