Palestinians mark Gaza war anniversary - 28Dec2010 - English

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Amid tension and increased attacks, People in Gaza mark December 27 when Israel launched a deadly attack on the territory two years ago. The attack described by human rights organizations as the single most brutal attack against Palestinians by Israeli forces killed more than 1400 people, most of them civilians, and injured nearly 5000 others. It also caused extensive damage to Gaza infrastructure and private property. Police officers laid flowers at the scene where many of their colleagues were killed in the first day of the war. Families of victims planted trees , while others including children took part in rallies. Two years on, nothing has changed for the better for residents of Gaza. The report by the fact finding commission led by Richard Goldstone has led nowhere as Israel has only tried a few on minor charges . The war was condemned internationally and the UN Goldstone Report found that Israel had used disproportionate force and accused it of war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity.

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