Islamic Iran Marks 30th Anniversary Of Eight Year Sacred Defense - 22 SEP 2010 - English

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Iran to unveil new submarines, frigates Commander of the Iranian Army Major General Ataollah Salehi says the country will soon unveil new generations of destroyers, frigates and submarines. Iran will soon unveil and launch the second generation of Jamaran destroyers, Sina class frigates as well as a new generation of submarines, Salehi said Wednesday. He made the remarks on the sidelines of a ceremony commemorating the 1980-1988 Iraqi-imposed war on Iran. Salehi warned against any act of aggression on the country's territory and said Iran could repel any attack due to its deterrent powers. "The enemy should beware that if our country is attacked we will not allow them to leave the region safely," the Iranian commander added. Jamaran -- a multi-purpose warship that blends anti-submarine capabilities with defense systems against surface and air attacks -- became operational earlier this year. Iran has so far launched different classes of advanced submarines including Qaem, Nahang and Ghadir. Article Source:

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