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The documentary 'Lifeline to Gaza' about the Viva Palestina convoy A message from George Galloway More than 1,300 dead – more than 400 of them children – and still they are dragging bodies from the ruins. The death toll in Gaza is rising, while the world’s leaders and media look away in search of a new story. We will not look away. The Palestinians in Gaza need our help now, just as they did when Israel’s bombs and illegal weapons were dropping. Thousands of people have contacted me to say that they have marched, cried at the television pictures and feel helpless in the face of the suffering. That’s why I have launched a major initiative in response to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. I will be leading an aid convoy from London to Gaza leaving on 14 February and travelling through France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and through Rafah and into Gaza. It will bring material aid and raise the banner of Palestine in all the countries that we visit. The convoy will be led by a British fire engine, ambulances, and many trucks full of practical aid given by the various communities in Britain. It is quite an undertaking, which I anticipate will have a high public profile throughout its journey and on its arrival in Gaza, god willing, some 30 days later. The convoy is already supported by the Stop the War Coalition – which organised the largest demonstrations in British history – as well as the Anglo-Arab Organisation, several British trade unions and a large number of Muslim organisations. Fundraising for the convoy is taking place all over Britain. We urgently need your help Money: please organise fundraisers, collections, donations which the convoy will get directly to the people of Gaza. Cheques should be made payable to “Lifeline for Gaza” and sent to Lifeline for Gaza c/o Flat 6, 1-2 Bowling Green Place, London SE1 1YL. or donate online

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