[Arbaeen] We become more FEARLESS after Terrorist Attacks on Us - Urdu

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Shia history is that when we get attacked by Terrorists, with every drop of an innocent blood, we become more fearless and stronger. Down with all the terrorists, down with their supporters and financer Zionists. DEATH TO ZIONISTS - the enemies of Humanity. We Shias have historically been "the worst victims of terrorism". We never and will never give up defending the dignity of Islam and Shias. We were and are peaceful people. BUT we never tolerated injustice in the past and will never tolerate it in future. We are just paying the cost of being a Shia of Imam Ali (a.s). Every single Shia is ready to sacrifice his/her life and achieve the level of Shahadat, just the way all of our Imams did. LABBAYK YA HUSSAIN. LABBAYK YA HUSSAIN. LABBAYK YA HUSSAIN. Our lives be sacrificed for you and your grandsons, especially the Imam of our time, Imam Al-Mahdi (a.s). May Allah hasten his reappearance.

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