[15 June 13] Hassan Rohani becomes Iran-s new president - English

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Hassan Rohani has won Iran\'s 11th presidential election following a vote that saw mass popular turnout on June 14. The newly-elected Iranian president was born into a religious family on November 13, 1948 in the city of Sorkheh in Semnan Province. Rohani started his religious education in 1960 at Semnan Seminary. One year later, he moved to the holy city of Qom. In 1969, he was admitted to Tehran University and received his BA in law after three years. Rohani earned his MA and PhD in law from Glasgow Caledonian University. Rohani was involved in the struggle against the Pahlavi regime as a young man. After Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini\'s return from exile in France in 1979, Rohani was politically active in Europe. He held question-and-answer sessions with students in Britain and France. Rohani was elected to parliament following the establishment of the Islamic Republic and served as a lawmaker for five consecutive terms until 2000. He held positions such as deputy Majlis Speaker and head of the Defense and Foreign Policy committees.

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