[Iran Today] Iran-s 11th Presidential Election - 7 May 2013 - English

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The eleventh round of Iran\'s Presidential Election has just officially begun with the registration process finally underway as of today May 7th in the interior ministry. Any Iranian national has until May 11 to register, the date on which all the guesswork surrounding who will and who won\'t decide to run, officially comes to an end and the vetting process by the 12-member guardian council made-up of 6 Islamic faqihs or experts in Islamic jurisprudence and 6 jurists begins with a 24 hour break in between. The contenders themselves can also choose to withdraw anytime from now until the Election Day (June 14, 2013). The race will officially begin right after the final list of Presidential hopefuls is announced by the interior ministry after which the candidates are allowed to start their election campaigns. This is while some candidates have already started giving interviews and appearing on university campuses discussing and promoting their agenda. So far economy seems to top the list of campaign issues and promises given the current economic dire straits faced by the country. On this edition of the show we take a closer look at the latest election news including the presidential hopefuls\' solutions for improving Iran\'s economy and the livelihood of their fellow citizens. Follow our Facebook on: https://www.facebook.com/presstv Follow our Twitter on: http://twitter.com/presstv Follow our Tumblr on: http://presstvchannel.tumblr.com

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