Lebanon welcomes Islamic Iran President: "Cheshm-e ma rowshan, kheili khosh amadid!" - Arabic

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A terrible day to be on the side of Western-Israeli secularist fanatics and colonialists. Is Lebanon becoming a part of Iran, or is Iran becoming a part of Lebanon? What fellow Western secularists fail to understand - because of our long tradition of supremacist inspirations - is that what unfolds today from the Persian Gulf to the shores of the Mediterranean is one soul in two (and more) bodies. Media of all sides has speculated on President Ahmadinejad throwing a stone at Israel as a symbol of sympathy to the Palestinian intifada - a chance some Israeli officials have called to be used to assassinate the representative of the Iranian nation. But with a welcome like this, isn't the stone already thrown, not only at Israel, but also at their mates in the US and EU?

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