[27 May 2012] Western media tight-lipped over Bahrain - English

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[27 May 2012] Western media tight-lipped over Bahrain - English Anti-regime demonstrators in the Bahraini village of Dair have blocked roads and set tires on fire in an act of protest against the ruling Al Khalifa regime. Meanwhile, Bahraini regime forces attacked the houses of leading protesters in Salihiya and arrested dozens of people. The regime forces also fired at anti-regime protesters at Bilad al-Qadim village. On Saturday, several protesters were also injured when security forces fired tear gas and stun grenades in the village of Sitra.Bahrain is in the midst of an ongoing revolution that started in mid-February 2011. Since then, scores of people have been killed and thousands sent to prison. Press TV has conducted an interview with Ibrahim Moussawi, political analyst, to hear his opinion on this issue.

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