[13 June 2012] World Awakening Awards Exhibition in Tehran - English

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[13 June 2012] World Awakening Awards Exhibition in Tehran - English World Awakening Awards Exhibition. Veteran artists from 59 countries from around the globe forwarded their art works in the forms of posters, caricatures and photographs to the secretariat of World Awakening Exhibition in Tehran. 439 art works from 3006 works of art were selected to compete in the first World Awakening Awards Exhibition. The head of Imam Ali Religious Museum where the event took place said that bringing together renowned international artists to work with top Iranian experts as jury members was an important event all by itself. Art critiques talked about some intricate points in the art works and tried to explain to us what the artist wants the viewer to see.Some visitors said that looking at different works of art at this exhibition made them feel the pains and struggles of people fighting for freedom in the region and through out the world. The event kicked off on May 13th and was to end on June 11th but it was extended until June 21st because of great number of people wanting to attend.

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