[14 Jan 2014] In Egypt, at least 5 anti-government protesters are killed during a referendum - English

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14   Jan   2014   In   Egypt   at   least   5   anti   government   protesters   are   killed   during   a   referendum   PTV   Presstv   English   At   least   seven   people   are   killed   in   anti   government   rallies   across   Egypt   as   the   country  

At least seven people are killed in anti-government rallies across Egypt, as the country undertakes its first voting since the army\'s ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi in July. Over a dozen others have also been injured in several cities. There were also clashes in front of an interior ministry building in Alexandria. Meanwhile, security forces have stormed the campus of the al-Mansoura University in the city with armored vehicles, and used live ammunition and gas canisters against protesting students. This is the first day of a two-day national vote on the country\'s new constitution, drafted by the army-backed interim government. Under the draft text, the formation of religious political parties is banned. Critics say the new charter only favors the army. If approved, it will replace the current constitution which was passed under Morsi. A coalition led by his Muslim Brotherhood movment has boycotted the referendum.

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