[03 Aug 2012] How can Muslims in West help Islamic Awakening - English

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[03 Aug 2012] How can Muslims in West help Islamic Awakening - English After too much expectation and uncertainty, finally the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi won the election with 51.7 percent of the votes against Ahmed Shafiq. This came after a close competition in the second round, while some rumours were suggesting that the old regimes remnant Ahmed Shafiq might win. Thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters filled the streets and squares in Cairo and other cities to celebrate this victory, a turning point in Egypt's history to move from dictatorship to. While Morsi succeeds Hosni Mubarak, who was overthrown 16 months ago after a popular uprising, the military council has this month curbed the powers of the presidency. This means that the head of state will have to work closely with the army on a planned democratic constitution. This week's Islam and Life asks: Egypt changes: How can Muslims in the west help the Islamic Awakening?

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