Iranians Outraged at US-Green Movement Ashura Scandals - Farsi sub English

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Iranians speak out against latest Ashura Scandals Find out by watching this video. Green terror: (1) stoning people whilst praying. (2) stoning people for wearing black clothes. (3) Stoning people for having beards. (4) Illegal posession of firearms. (5) Disrespecting Ashura and Imam Hussein's memory. (6) Calling Muslims who disagree with their movement Rapists, Basiji's, Arabs, Palestinians and Lebanese and paid-government employees. (7) Disturbance of public order. (8) Burning of the sacred Quran. (9) Burning of Imam Khomeini pictures. (10) During Ashura, burning and tearing up posters of Imam Hussein and Imam Khomeini on the streets of Tehran. (11) Setting to fire and stoning civilian shops, bikes, civilian and police cars, banks, public and private property paid by Iranian taxes. (12) Calling Iranian religious leaders Rapists. (13) Attacking women for wearing Chador (Black full veil). (15) Arrogantly cheering, laughing and enjoying themselves during Ashura.

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