[12 Dec 2013] Former Bank of israel chief to take No. 2 job at US Federal Reserve - English

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12   Dec   2013   Former   Bank   of   Israel   chief   to   take   No   2   job   at   US   Federal   Reserve   PTV   Presstv   English   The   former   head   of   the   Bank   of   israel   is   about   to   become   the   Vice   Chairman   of   America   Federal   Reserve  

The former head of the Bank of Israel is about to become the Vice-Chairman of America\'s Federal Reserve. Stanley Fischer, who led the Bank of Israel for eight years, has been asked to take over Janet Yellen\'s position at the US Fed. Yellen is set to take the top job from current boss Ben Bernanke whose term ends in January. Fischer, who was born in Zambia, holds both Israeli and American citizenships. The announcement comes after the Bank of Canada\'s chief Mark Carney earlier this year became the first foreigner to lead the Bank of England.

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