Editor of Hezbollah Newspaper Speaks in England March 2008 - Part 1 - English -Must Watch

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Manchester, England. 1 March 2008. Five years after the invasion of Iraq, two leading opponents of the US-led occupations in the Middle East come to Manchester to talk about the reality of the War on Terror on the ground at a public rally. The event is organised by the Stop the War Coalition as part of its build up to the World Against War demonstrations that were due to take place globally on March 15th 2008. This meeting is a chance to hear key figures from the Middle East and leading activists and writers from Britain discuss the impact of the war on terror and the continuing campaign to get the troops out. The speakers include two eyewitness reports from Iraq and Lebanon: 1. Ibrahim al-Moussawi is editor of the Lebanese Hezbollah newspaper, al-Intiqad, and one of the key spokespeople for the popular resistance to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006. 2. Hassan Juma'a is President of the Iraqi Oil Workers Federation, and a leader of the campaign to stop the US-led privatisation of Iraqi oil. They are joined at the rally by Chris Nineham, national chair of the Stop the War Coalition. Ibrahim Mousawi defies a campaign by warmongering Conservative Party leader, David Cameron, to keep him out of the country. "Governments should not censor what people have to say and confiscate the right of intelligent people to decide what to hear or not to hear. I'm a staunch defender of political freedoms and freedom of speech," retorted al-Moussaw. This particular clip shows Ibrahim al-Moussawi, editor of the Hezbollah newspaper, speaking at the event.

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