[08 Sept 2012] What next for Syria - Middle East - English

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08   Sept   2012   What   next   for   Syria   Middle   East   PTV   Presstv   English   With   the   ongoing   political   talk   on   Syria   it   seems   the   Syrian   government   is   dealing   with   issues   internally   in   efforts   to   create   security   and   stability   in   the   country   Al   Akhdar   Al   Ibrahimi   the   new   UN   envoy   to   Syria   has   stated   that   there   can   only   be   a   political   solution   for   Syria   while   saying   that   the   government   holds   the   greater   responsibility   since   it   is   responsible   for   keeping   the   peace  

[08 Sept 2012] What next for Syria - Middle East - English Reports have mentioned that US secretary of state Clinton and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogon are still seeking to intensify pressure on both Hezbollah and Syria perhaps through the deployment of international troops along Lebanon's northern border with Syria thereby crippling all the Lebanese-Syrian efforts of securing the border from arms smuggling. In this edition of the show we ask; what's next for Syria?

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