Kerala Parotta - Malabar Paratha - By VahChef English

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Malabar paratha, the very name itself makes the mouth water. Any dish from the Malabar region is a delicacy. The delectable gently cooked, mild flavored malabar recipes are a pride to South Indian cooking. The malabar cuisine is famous for the non vegetarian recipes. When it comes to the vegetarian dishes the Malabar parathas takes the top position. These layered flakey flat bread just melts away in your mouth. This is one bread which demands ultimate patience and care while in process. This is made of maida and tastes excellent with Veg Korma or any gravy. Ingredients 2 cup maida as needed oil pinch salt as needed water Directions Take a bowl add maida salt mix well then add water and make into soft dough and rest for 5 min take the rested dough knead well for 2min then rest it again for 5 min Now take the rested dough divide into equal portions and make into balls by applying oil to hands and keep aside for 3-4min Now take the rested balls and flat the dough by applying oil on the base and make into thin sheets and apply on top of the sheet and sprinkle flour and fold as shown in the video and rest for 2-3min now take the rested folded dough and roll like chapati and cook on both the sides by applying oil. remove the parata from tawa and with both the hands just push the paratha with both the hands so that the layers comes out. kerala parota or malabar paratha,Porotta made easy with vahchef

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