Islam & Life - Can Islam defeat FEMEN? 10 May 2013 - English

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A self-proclaimed feminist organization, which protests for the rights and freedom of women, has turned its topless protests towards Islam. FEMEN, which has been in the news for its controversial and shocking forms of protests since 2008, recently began its campaign to support Tunisian activist Amina Tyler, a 19-year-old Muslim who spread outrage by posting topless images of herself online with the words \"my body belongs to me\" scrawled on her naked chest. But FEMEN has not gone unchallenged and Muslim women across the East and West have responded to the outrageous protests with their own opinions on the movement. Thousand if not millions of Muslim women denounced FEMEN across social media platforms saying \"We Reject FEMEN\'s Islamophobic and Neo-Colonialist Crusade to Save Us\". This week\'s Islam and Life asks: Can Islam defeat FEMEN? Watch this video on our website: Broadcast Date: 09 May 2013 Follow our Facebook on: Follow our Twitter on: Follow our Tumblr on:

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