15 April: Solidarity Day with Bahrain Female Prisoners of Conscience - Arabic English

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Neither in Egypt, nor in Tunisia were women assaulted during the uprisings that took place, even though many women participated and were active members in the revolutions and uprisings. As for Bahrain, the Arab Gulf country which should respect the religion, dignity, culture of its women, put many of these in prison. Hence, Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Ahmad Qassem called for a campaign in solidarity with Bahraini female prisoners for the following aims: 1- Draw international attention to the oppression the Bahraini people are subject to, particularly women. 2- Morally support the Bahraini oppressed people. 3- Defining the legitimate demands of the people most important of which is a constitutional kingdom and elected government. 4- Mobilizing international rights organizations towards the blatant violations of women's rights in Bahrain. 5- Mobilizing the international public opinion and international women's organizations concerned about prisoners of "expressing opinion". In the same context, the Bahraini Opposition overseas issued a statement in which it said "In response to the multiple methods the Bahraini authority resorts to in order to repress the people and the popular protests in demand of their rights, the people and the opposition insist to continue their peaceful protests despite all the aggression practiced against them." Particularly speaking about women, the Bahraini Opposition overseas added in its statement that alongside men, the women in Bahrain have stood up to the government demanding their rights, having in return to bear imprisonment, torture, and martyrdom at times. The statement further noted that despite all this aggression, the Bahraini free women are still steadfast and unyielding. The Bahraini Opposition overseas, therefore "called on the women of the Arab Nation as well as the World, to stand in defense of the Bahraini oppressed women, by that declaring the 15tho f April a day of solidarity with the women of Bahrain under the slogan "Free Women of Bahrain"." Also, the Opposition urged all women's rights organizations in its statement , whether Arab, Islamic, or international to declare a clear rejection of what the women in Bahrain is subject to, which falls into the category of the these organizations' legal, ethical, and humanitarian duties. "Save the women of Bahrain...Save the free women in prisons", concluded the statement. http://www.english.moqawama.org/essaydetails.php?eid=13903&cid=215

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