A Tribute to MARTYR MUTTAHHERI - Various Langs. msg English

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Shaheed Murtada Mutahhari ranks among one of the most dynamic and effective scholars of recent times. He was born in 1920 in Fariman, Iran. He studied under great masters of his time like the eminent scholar Allama Tabataba\'i and the late leader of Islamic Revolution-Imam Khomeini. He has over 23 seminal works to his credit, and ranks among one of the great revolutionary intellectuals of his time. The activities of this scholar were intolerable for the followers of the materialistic schools and they, therefore, decided to remove him from the scene by terroristic methods. Eventually they assassinated him on May 1, 1979. His martyrdom was indeed a great tragedy to the intellectual world. When the sad news was conveyed to Imam Khomeini he could not control his tears. In his condolence message he said, \"In him I have lost a dear son. I am mourning the death of one who was the fruition of my life.\" A Tribute to MARTYR MUTTAHHERI - Various Langs. msg English. Baabeilm.

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