Protest in Najaf on April 9th 08 - OCCUPATION OUT - English

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There is a big protest in Najaf on April 9th 2008 in which people of Iraq will be demonstrating their desire to end this illegal occupation of US forces in Iraq. The call is OCCUPATION OUT. People of Iraq are out of strength to witness more innocents die. There has already been enough blood-shed. This illegal unlawful unethical infiltration of the occupied forces in Iraq have recently started a new Massacre in Basra. US jets have been dropping bombs in Basra in which several casualties have been claimed. And guess what - MORE INNOCENTS DIED - It probably does not sound like a news anymore. Right. Well we do not care. Right. Well there is nothing we can do. Right. Great Awesome Perfect. But remember one thing - today we are quiet and others are being massacred. Tomorrow we will be massacred and others will be quiet. Making exactly the same excuses. Well we do not care. Well there is nothing we can do. Iraqis have been living on their own and by themselves for years decades and centuries. What makes US think that they NEED OUR HELP. This is absurd. Iraq is a country that has a strong historical significance. Iraq existed even when US and Israel were not on the map of the earth. Iraq has a culture. Iraqis are a nation with a strong cultural heritage - unlike US. IRAQIS DO NOT NEED FOREIGNERS TO BE TEACHING THEM WHAT TO DO AND WHAT NOT. May be there is less than 1 percent population in Iraq that LOVES United States Army existence in Iraq. I have a better plan to offer. Since we care so much about that 1 percent population - MOVE THEM TO ISRAEL or MOVE THEM TO WASHINGTON. May curse of Allah be on the aggressors and oppressors.

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