[16 Dec 2013] US, Poland, Baltic States voice - English

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16   Dec   2013   US   Poland   Baltic   States   voice   PTV   Presstv   English   The   United   States   Poland   and   the   three   Baltic   states   have   voiced   concern   over   Russia   deployment   of   nuclear   capable   missiles   close  

The United States, Poland, and the three Baltic states have voiced concern over Russia\'s deployment of nuclear-capable missiles close to the four European Union countries\' borders. US State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf confirmed that the US had urged Russia to not take steps that would destabilize the region. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Igor Konashen-kov says the missiles will be deployed in Kaliningrad in the Western Military District. For years, Russia threatened to deploy missiles in response to the United States\' plan to install a NATO missile system in Eastern Europe. Moscow says the NATO missiles are a threat to Russian national security. Russian media reports say the newly-deployed missiles can hit NATO targets located in Poland, Lithuania, and even Germany.

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