Peshawar Nights : ليالي بيشاور - Part 04 - Arabic sub Turkish

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Peshawar Nights is a Shi\\\'a book by Sultanu\\\'l-Wa\\\'izin Shirazi[1] (\\\"Prince of Preachers from Shiraz\\\") He had a public debate between Shi\\\'a Muslims and Sunni Muslims. The debate is said to have taken place in the city of Peshawar in the Soba-e-Serhed (North West Frontier) province of Pakistan beginning on 27 January 1927. A condition of the dialogue was that only sources acceptable to both sects would be cited. The dialogue was held in Persian, commonly understood in the city of Peshawar. The transcript, made by four reporters and published in the newspapers daily, was published in book form in Teheran and soon became a classic authority in the East. The present work is based on the fourth edition, published in Teheran in 1971, the year in which Sultanu\\\'l-Wa\\\'izin died at the age of 75

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