israel continues to confiscate lands - 19 Nov 2011 - English

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According to Israeli daily Ha'aretz, the Israeli occupation confiscated Palestinian lands northeast of the Jordan valley and gave it to Kibbutz Merav, inhabited by Israeli settlers. The Israeli occupation is systematically confiscating land and expelling Palestinians in the Jordan Valley, known as al-Aghwar. The route of Israel's apartheid wall was altered to secure the takeover of 375 acres Palestinian lands. This annexation have come during the same week as Israel plans to invite tenders for the construction of 2,230 settlement units in East Jerusalem al-Quds and other parts of the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority has condemned these Israeli plans. According to experts, a large part of the occupied land belongs to Palestinians who were driven out of the land by the Israeli occupation forces during the 1967 war. These Palestinians are considered "absentee" by Israel and under the Israeli so-called Absentee Property Law, their lands can be used for settlement activities. Thousands of acres of privately-owned Palestinian lands were given to Israeli settlers in the Jordan Valley in the 1960s and 1970s, and the confiscation of Palestinian land in the area is still ongoing by the Israeli occupation, regardless of International laws and resolutions. In most cases, Israel confiscates lands near illegally-built settlements in the West Bank under the pretext of security reasons, but in this case, they have officially annexed these occupied lands.

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