Misri Bunch: Episode 02 - Our Return - Islamic Cartoon - English

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Episode 03: Our Return: Al Mumit (The One who gives death to the living ) In episode 03, Maha\'s butterfly died and she is very upset. Hearing her cry, Abul Waleed comes to advise his fury friend by reminding her that to Allah we belong and to Him we shall all return. Post your comments and suggestions and don\'t for get to recommend to your friends and family! \"The Misri Bunch\" are a group of friends who help each other to learn about Allah, Islam and good morals. Series one concentrates on teaching the young viewers about the Creator (Allah All Mighty). The gang go through exciting stories which helps to explain who The Creator (Allah or God as referred by some) is, by going through His different names and attributes. By knowing Allah you will worship Him in the manner He deserves rather than worshiping false deities. This series was brought to you by Qadimoon Kids - Media dedicated to the Ummah. See the other episodes by purchasing the DVD available from www.Qadimoon.com and www.MisriBunch.com Remember every DVD bought ensures that we continue creating more quality Islamic content for the benefit of our little ones.

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