Sermon of Lady Zainab [sa] in the Court of Yazeed [la] - English

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Zainab       Karbala       Husayn       Hussain       Imam       Ashura       Muharram       Ashoura     Zakir   Naik  

One of the most famous sermons delivered in the history of Islam in which the grand daughter of the Holy Prophet (s) is brought to face the tyrant Caliph of the time, Yazid, as a captive and prisoner of war. Following the massacre of Imam Hussain (a), his family and companions at Karbala, Yazid went on to parade the family of the Holy Prophet (s) through the various Islamic cities culminating at the center of his power, Damascus. In these extremely hostile conditions, Lady Zaynab delivered a most eloquent sermon with the courage and poise of her father and grandfather in which she spoke to Yazeed with unwavering truth of his vile nature and the efforts of his ancestors that always aimed to extinguish the light of Islam since its dawn. She then magnificiently concludes - after having seen her own family massacred and mutilated - by establishing the blessed end that awaits the patient and virtuous ones.

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