The Islam of Resistance Is Islam | Sayyid Hashim al-Haidari | Arabic Sub English

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What is true Islam? And is the Islam that is the Islam of the Islamic Revolution, an \'Iranian Islam\' or a \'Khomeini Islam\'? Ultimately, are there various \'kinds\' of Islam or is there only one \'Pure Muhammadan Islam\'? Is \'Wilayat al-Faqih\' a \'Khomeini Islam\' or a \'Political Islam\'? And if per say, \'Wilayat al-Faqih\' isn\'t the aforementioned \'kinds\' of Islam, then what \'kind\' of Islam is it? Finally, what happens when people begin to follow the one and only \'Pure Muhammadan Islam\'? Sayyid Hashim al-Haidari speaks about how \"The Islam of Resistance Is Islam\". And if \"The Islam of Resistance Is Islam\", then what are all those other kinds of \'Islam\' out there?

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