The Sexual Revolution & Its Key Protagonists | The Makinations 4 | English

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The Sexual Revolution & Its Key Protagonists | The Makinations 4 WARNING: This episode contains *extremely* disturbing footage. Our intention is not to frighten or disgust any of our viewers without good reason. It is absolutely vital that we understand the reality behind what some Western thinkers and academics are promoting and how it will affect the next generation if we do not raise awareness and act now. This episode will destroy the narrative of abortions being a “human right” and will explore some of the key promoters of the vile ideologies which have paved the way for an inhumane society, including Margaret Sanger, Wilhelm Reich, Magnus Hirshfeld, Sigmund Freud, Bernard Berelson, John Wason, Edward Bernays, Alfred Kinsey, John Money and others. #CulturalMarxism #Marxism #Communism #Secularism #FreeChoice #ProLife #ProChoice #Abortion #AbortionRights #IPPF #Rockerfeller #Transgender #Transhumanism #LGBT #Bisexual #Pedophilia #ResistanceIsKey #Makinations

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