The J&J Show | Muji Markhor in Hunza Valley | Season - 2, Episode 1 | B19 Studios | ISPR - Urdu

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*The J & J Show*: An animated series by B19 Studios; join Jamshed and Jameela as they discuss the latest news from around the world! In this episode, Jamshed & Jameela catch up with field reporter Muji Markhor in Northern Regions of Pakistan! Watch Muji share fun experiences and civic lessons with J&J, in this new episode of season 2. #J&J #PakistaniCartoon #UrduCartoon #NewsCartoon #MujiMarkhor Click here for more from B19 Studios: Check out more J & J Show here: UCEwlPFzuck7KyNAnsujkkFg

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