Former Congressman James Traficant - Israel has a Powerfull strangle Hold on U.S. Govt. - English

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James Traficant is a former congressman who was imprisoned for seven years. He says in this video: ISRAEL is controlling most of our foreign policy. They are controlling much of our internal policy. Israel Controls both members of the house. The house and the Senate. THEY OWN THE CONGRESS! They have involved us in wars that we have little or no interest. Our children are coming back in body bags. Out nation is bankcrupt over in these wars. WE HAVE ONE SIDED FOREIGN POLICY IN MIDEAST. And if you open your mouth, you get targetted. He was imprisoned for 7 years. Released now and this is his first interview. He concludes by saying: "AMERICAN IS IN DANGER IF AMERICA DOESN'T TAKE BACK THE GOVERNMENT WITHOUT FOREIGN INTERFERENCE".

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