The Islamic Pulse Team in Karbala | Arbaeen 2019 | English

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If you happened to see us in Karbala, then we were just as pleased to meet with you as you were to meet with us! This year, the #IslamicPulse team was blessed with the opportunity to be hosted in the Holy City of Karbala. We met with countless individuals from all over the world and felt privileged to answer questions from the youths of various tour groups and deliver lectures for them in the heart of Karbala. As part of our efforts to raise awareness about the oppressed people in the world, we were honored to have our own mowkib (tent) and camp where we worked with the young and old and enlightened the blessed pilgrims on current affairs in light of the divine message of Imam Husayn (A) and the Holy Prophet (S). The #SaveYemen campaign is still in full-throttle and we are raising funds for the oppressed children of the region. Members from among the tour groups also took interviews from us and it was a brilliant opportunity for the pilgrims to ask personal questions. #Arbaeen #IslamicPulse #Karbala #Iraq #Iran #Qom #Najaf #Resistance #ImamHusayn #WhoIsHussain #WhoIsHusayn #ImamHussain #CaravanOfLove #Caravan #Love #Islam #Pulse #Trip #Journey #Quran #Hadith #Shia #Sunni #Compassion #IraqProtests

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