[03 Nov 2013] Leader: Nuclear program just an excuse for US enmity toward our nation - English

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03   Nov   2013   Iran   Leader   Nuclear   program   just   an   excuse   for   US   enmity   toward   our   nation   PTV   presstv   English   The   Leader   of   Iran   Islamic   Revolution   says   the   country   nuclear   program   is   just   an   excuse  

The Leader of Iran\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Islamic Revolution says the country\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s nuclear program is just an excuse for the United States to continue its enmity toward the Iranian nation. Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei referred to the history of US hostility toward the Iranian nation. He said that the US officials had targeted Iran with various forms of plots, campaigns and schemes, before the nuclear issue even existed. The Leader rejected as simplistic or ill-intended those statements made by some elements who claim that if Iran gives up its nuclear rights, all economic and other problems facing the country will be resolved overnight. Ayatollah Khamenei defended the Iranian negotiating team against internal criticism. He said the Iranian negotiators-- who have held talks with the UN Security Council\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s permanent members plus Germany, are shouldering a tough responsibility. The Leader however reiterated his skepticism of US intentions, saying a smiling enemy cannot be trusted.

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