[14 July 13] Syria economy deteriorated since unrest began - English

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Syria\'s economy has worsened dramatically since the ongoing unrest erupted more than two years ago, bringing hardships to Syrians day by day. The difficulty is felt particularly during the fasting month of Ramadan. The situation is also blamed on economic sanctions by the Arab League as well as some regional and Western countries. Prices of basic food materials have doubled and sometimes even tripled. Each Dollar now makes over 250 Syrian pounds, while it was worth 50 before the unrest broke out. Thus, all prices have soared, especially for the imported goods. The war on Syria is not only a military or political one. The armed conflict has deteriorated the economic situation as well, putting even greater pressure on the daily lives of the Syrians; those who suffer the most because of the ongoing crisis. Mohamad Ali, PressTV, Damascus

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