[22 Nov 2013] Russian pres. accuses EU of pressuring, blackmailing Ukraine - English

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22   Nov   2013   Russian   press   accuses   EU   of   pressuring   blackmailing   Ukraine   PTV   Presstv   English   Tensions   between   Ukraine   Europe   and   Russia   are   running   high   over   Kiev   decision   to   suddenly   scrap   plans  

Tensions between Ukraine, Europe and Russia are running high over Kiev\'s decision to suddenly scrap plans to sign a deal with the European Union. Russia is now accusing the Europeans of blackmailing Kiev to sign an association agreement with the EU. The Russian president says the E-U is using threats and pressure to shift Ukraine out of Russia\'s orbit. Vladimir Putin has also criticized the E-U for supporting protests against scrapping the deal. Putin made the comments shortly after the E-U accused Kiev of bowing to Russian pressure. On Thursday, Ukraine suspended signing the association agreement with Europe, citing economic concerns and trade issues with Russia. The decision has sparked protests in Kiev. Demonstrators have taken to the streets to oppose the government move, with the opposition leaders joining the rallies.

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