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Salah (Daily Prayers) tutorial (Shia) | Microfiqh | English

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A complete, comprehensive and simple tutorial on the 5 daily prayers (salah) in Islam. This video will help reverts to learn the outline of daily prayers and will also help others to correct any mistakes they may be making in the steps of the prayers. This tutorial applies to anyone following the Shia school of thought, regardless of which Marja they may follow; (so it is equally applicable for those who follow Imam Khamenei, Ayatollah Sistani, Ayatollah Makarem etc.). For any additional details, please do refer to your Marja. Niyyah - go to: 0:30 Takbiratul Ihram - go to: 0:50 Qiyam - go to: 1:23 Qirah (Recitation) - go to: 1:39 Ruku (Bowing) - go to: 2:40 + Dhikr for Ruku - go to: 2:49 Sujood (or Sajdah) - go to: 3:18 + Dhikr for Sujood - go to: 3:32 Qunoot - go to: 4:07 Tashahhud - go to: 4:28 Salaam - go to: 5:20 #MicroFiqh #Salah #Islam #Shia #DailyPrayers #Prayers

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