Adobe Edge Preview 1 Web Standards Animation Tool Using HTML5 CSS3 and Javascript - English

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Adobe has a brand new web motion and design development tool for us to preview and evaluate. It's called Adobe Edge and Preview 1 was just released yesterday. It is currently free to download and experiment with. It allows you to create and animate web based content using a web standards approach as opposed to using Flash or Actionscript. Here is the link for you to go and download preview 1 and other resources for Adobe Edge. Let me know what you guys think about it after using it in the video comments area. I have not even tried it yet, I just downloaded it yesterday. But I will let you guys know whether or not I will be cheating on Flash by using this tool for my web based animations after I experiment with it. If it is nice we may even do some tutorials on it. They would not create a tool that would kill Flash. This tool is for people that wish to make web based animations using compliant Javascript and HTML instead of Actionscript 3.0 animation projects. Which are still more advanced and simple to make than Javascript animations. HTML5 and Javascript animation has its place, and so does flash animation. Some people say only use flash for games, but then again,, probably made those website makers over $10,000 each. Some people do not realize that some of our clients ask for full flash websites. Observe how powerful Flash is on the web today, but keep an open mind to using Javascript based animation in forms and where appropriate as the technology progresses. It is just a baby still and nobody has created an easy to use UI for creating HTML5 and Javascript animations. This might be it.

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