How to Make a Woven Vase Out of a Soda Bottle - English

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Watch more Great Craft Ideas videos: Use a plastic soda bottle to make a vase that, if you didn\'t know better, you\'d swear it was made out of crystal. Step 1: Cut off the top Cut off the top of the bottle, at the top of the bottle\'s smooth section, to make an even edge about 3 inches above where the fluted rim will be. Tip Use a green bottle for accented color. Step 2: Cut strips Wrap the measuring tape around the bottle, mark and cut evenly-spaced strips down from the top of the bottle, about 3 inches long. Then cut the strips in half once, and in half again, so that you have thin, even strips all the way around the bottle. Step 3: Bend the strips Carefully bend the strips outward, making a level edge around the top of the bottle. Turn the bottle upside down and press it against a flat surface to make sure the rim is even. Tip Make sure the creases are regularized for a symmetrical vase. Step 4: Weave the rim Weave one strip over the one next to it and then under the following two, creasing it so that its tip is at the base of the third strip. Step 5: Bend and crease the next one Bend and crease the strip you wove over with the first strip, and fold it over the next two and under the following one. Step 6: Bend and crease the third strip Bend and crease the third strip the same way as the first one -- over one and under two. Step 7: Keep bending Continue weaving the strips in this alternating pattern until only three strips are left. Tuck each of the last three under the next strip until they\'re tucked in completely. Step 8: Add weight Add marbles, beach glass, or stones to your vase to weigh it down so that it doesn\'t fall over. And when you get tired of your vase or want to redecorate, simply recycle it. Did You Know? Americans use 4 million plastic bottles every hour.

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