[9 April 2012] Sipahe Yazeed (Sahaba) chanting against MWM protest at parliament house Islamabad - Urdu

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A small group of Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat, previously known as banned Sipah Sahaba chanted hate slogans against Shia Muslims to destroy Muslim (Shia-Sunni) Unity. Mainstream Sunni school of thought does not embrace the people of this ideology. And therefore Sunni Muslims are martyred every other day too. This group gathered in front of Parliament House where Muslims are demanding security arrangements from the Government for innocent Muslims across Pakistan. The original sit-in is staged by MWM after the incident of Chillas, Gilgit when around 200 innocent were cruelly massacred by the friends of this small violent group. The innocents were martyred only because they were Shia Muslims.

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